A Joint Venture between “Omak Group” and Mr. Daulat Singh Shaktawat
( Retired Deputy Conservator of forests )

OMAK TIGER SEVEN is a Fabulous place to Enjoy and Experience Hospitality.

Enjoy your evenings in the lap of Nature and If you are lucky, meet Mr. Daulat Singh and listen to his Terrific Experiences with Wildlife during more than 35 years of Forest Service.

See the wilderness come alive around you as you experience Ranthambhore National Park with Him.

The recipient of multiple conservation and environmental awards, Mr. Singh is known for his heroism and bravery in critical rescue Operations.

He Continued his mission to save India’s wildlife even after nearly getting killed and loosing an Eye in a Tiger (T 7 ) attack in 2010 when he was trying to Tranquilize and save the Big cat in a very Hostile atmosphere.