Ranthambhore National Park spans 392 square kilometers in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. It was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1957, and in 1974 it came under the protection of Govt. of India’s Project Tiger Conservation Program. The Park is home to “ Ranthambhore Fort ” which dates back 1000 years. The Fort is a UNESCO world Heritage site and situated amidst Aravalli and Vindhya ranges surrounded by vast tracts of desert ecology of Rajasthan.
Although the park has Diverse rangeof wildlife but “ TIGER ” is the biggest attraction of the park. Ranthambhore is considered one of the best Places to see and observe Tigers in their true colour in the wild. The population of the Royal Bengal Tigers here is currently estimated to be around Eightyand number of sightings have increased tremendously in the last few years.

Ranthambhore National Park has a total of 10 safari zones. Zones 1 to 5 remain open from 01st of Oct to 30th June.  Zones 6 to 10 – remain open through the year.

Best time to visit is October to April.
Best time to spot and photograph tigers is December to June.